The Heroine's Journey


Hi everyone.  I set my intention every week and I'm actually really curious about, is that something you guys do? I'd love to hear about it. This week was kind of a special week for us as a company, for those of you who don't know, I have a global event agency called Linder Global Events. We have about 26 employees, and we bring them together every six months, and that six months happens to be this week. And we try and get everyone on the same page, and put it all together. This week I said, "Yes, okay. We'll be very transparent about the financials, and where we are in sales, and what clients were working with and what events we're doing." But I really felt like I needed to bring everyone back around to our bigger why, our mission, our values, our code of honor, where we're going in the future, and our vision. And so that's what I did.

I really had to think a lot about how to do that. And I put it in the context of the heroine (we have a lot of ladies in the company) and the hero's journey. And this concept of you go out on some adventure, which is kind of what an event is, right? And you get it, it's handed to you, and it's a bit of an adventure. And then you have some big obstacles and challenges, and which of course is the case with events always. And then you have this big win, success, because you overcome it all, which is thankfully, in our case, is often the case also where we have a lot of very visible successes in what we do. And then you come home transformed in some way. The hero, the heroine comes home transformed and changed in some way, because it had an impact, all that overcoming and that finally having that success, there's impact there.

And I really wanted to stress to these guys, one, that they're my heroes, because I don't often tell them that, and I forget in the day to day of things to say that to them. So one, I want it to be very intentional about that. And two, I wanted them to recognize that there's a rhythm to what they do, and that they do come home changed and transformed, and I want them to have some awareness around that. And I want them to remember while implicitly they apply that code of honor that we actually do have, and our values, and our mission. But I wanted them to sort of get re-steeped in it as we think about our vision for the future, which is what I ended up rolling out at the end. But before doing that, I really wanted them to kind of get clear about the why of what we're doing, and how we interact and what all that means to us.

And so that's what I've been thinking about this week. I'd really love to know what you're thinking about, and really how do you set your intentions? You know, do you write them? Do you think about them? Do you articulate them in some way? Please share, I'd love to know and I'll talk to you soon, and see you next week.

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