Bourdain Day and the Importance of Providing Support to Each Other

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2019

As I think about my intentions for this week, it really has a lot to do with Anthony Bourdain. I've been reading about Anthony Bourdain Day, which was celebrated on his birthday.  He passed via suicide last year in June. And as I think and read through all these articles, and I think about  mental health, and how that can be so under the radar. And in a business like ours, from the event perspective and events industry,  on the surface it looks so glamorous, and perfect, and beautiful, and behind the scenes there's a fair amount of hard work, and, quite frankly, some isolation in the work that we do. And it just made me really think about how am I providing access to mental health for and support for my colleagues – both in my industry and my colleagues here at the company.

So, what I've been thinking about and wondering, is how are you getting supported in your workplace? And do you have any best practices or things that we could be thinking about and doing here to make sure that we not only have a healthy culture, but we actually have healthy people?

So that's sort of my intention, and what I've been thinking about this week in light of Anthony Bourdain Day last week.

This article from The Washington Post has additional details on Bourdain Day as well as resources where you can find additional information and assistance. 


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