Rebecca Linder

Founder + CEO of Linder Global Events

About Rebecca

Leader. Creator. Innovator. Friend. These are words that have come to define Rebecca Linder. Her national reputation is rooted in an abiding commitment to organizational and production excellence. It reflects her professionalism, determination, and keen attention to detail, as well as her personal sensitivity, receptivity, and warmth. Much of this comes from a childhood immersed in different cultures as the daughter of a foreign services diplomat. As they moved around the world, from Belgium to Jordan and Greece, Rebecca’s mother helped her understand the distinctive experience of being a “guest” in a foreign country despite it also being “home.”

 These experiences never left Rebecca and ultimately, helped lay the foundation for Rebecca’s leadership of one of the most innovative and highly sought-after event management firms in the nation, Linder Global Events.

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Rebecca's Weekly Intentions

According to Deepak Chopra, "Intention is the starting point of every dream. It is the creative power that fulfills all of our needs, whether for money, relationships, spiritual awakening, or love." I look forward to sharing my thoughts about what's important to me, my colleagues, my family and my business. I hope you'll share your thoughts too.

"I learned from Rebecca how important it is to truly listen to a client, to work together with them and make their priorities my priorities, while forming a vision for them that they struggled to form for themselves. I also learned the importance of intense flexibility, grace under pressure, attention to even the smallest detail, and clear communication skills. Most important of all, I learned what it was to work with a team of incredible colleagues. Part of what makes Linder such an amazing company is that every day Rebecca instills in each person there that it’s our job to support each other and we will be stronger as a result. "

Adele Nelson
Director/Domestique, Chefs Cycle for Share Our Strength

"I started working with Rebecca back in the early 2000's and learned so much from her. I got the opportunity to see things from the client side... I learned about budgets, profitability and seeing things from every angle."

Toni Short
Chief Experience Officer, the Shortlist Agency

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